Amy Bauer

Inside the screen of my wacom tablet, I strive to build a world full of dark yet beautiful fantasies. I want viewers to be pulled into my work, pulled into a space that is more alive. I hope that viewers can connect to the stories that I tell in my surrealistic and fantastical paintings. It is my goal to create pieces that others can identify with, to bring hope and comfort to those struggling with the themes I express in my work.

    My paintings are meant to spark emotion from the viewer. I take inspiration from music, something that holds my passion, and holds that of millions of others. I explore surrealism in my work in order to portray the stories that music tells. Music has the ability to touch people in a special way, and I admire that. I want to evoke emotions out of viewers the way music can, which is why I take so much of my inspiration from music. Surrealism has always been something I’ve been drawn to, and wanted to include it in my work. Combining surrealism with music I hope will give my work a powerful outreach to viewers all over the world. 

    I want my imagery to touch people, evoke strong emotions from them. I hope that people can create a bond with my work as they can see their own reflection mirrored in my paintings. Each one of my work holds a specific feeling, one that possess the surreal, the lyrics, and the fantasy yet riddled with reality.